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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FST have a sharpening service?
FST does not offer a sharpening service, but here is the web address of a sharpening service we highly recommend...
Does FST have a repair service?

FST does have a repair service. If any item you purchase from us is not working properly, please contact our Customer Service

Below are some specific products that over time will most likely need to be refurbished or repaired. Pricing will depend on the degree of work needed. Please contact our Customer Service for pricing.

Hot Bead Sterilizers  (18000-45 & 18000-50)
If your sterilizer is not heating above 240°C (464°F), we can replace the internal
TR-100 & TR-200 Temperature Controllers  (21050-00 & 21052-00)
FST Temperature Controllers can be repaired if broken or defective.
EC-40 Estrus Cycle Monitor  (22500-10)
FST Estrus Cycle Monitors can be repaired if broken or defective.
Tissue Slice Recording Chambers  (21000-02 & 21000-03)
We carry replacement parts, however we do not offer repairs.
Geiger Thermal Cautery Unit  (18015-00)
Geiger Cautery Units can be repaired if broken or defective. If your hand piece is
defective, it can be replaced.