Self-Tapping Bone Screws

Alloy / Material:
Stainless Steel
These screws have been found to hold better than ordinary machine screws. They have a fillister flat head and are ideal for anchoring dental cement to bone.

Use our 0.9mm burrs No. 19007-09 for pre-drilling the 1.19mm (No. 19010-00) screws.

Use our 0.7mm burrs No. 19007-07 for pre-drilling the 0.86mm (No. 19010-10) screws.
Item No. Shaft Diameter Length Price Unit Qty
19010-00 19010-00 1.19mm 4.8mm $88.00 100 screws
19010-10 19010-10 0.86mm 4mm $161.00 100 screws