Friedman-Pearson Rongeurs

Alloy / Material:
Stainless Steel
Joint Action:
Best suited for delicate work, these are the finest tipped rongeurs in our product line. The fine-cupped jaws have been designed with a longer and slimmer approach for better visibility.

Cautionary note: The fine rongeur tips shown on this page are extremely fragile. Removal of material with a twisting motion can damage the tips.
Item No. Cup Size Tip Shape Price Unit Qty
16020-14 16020-14 1mm Straight $332.00 Each
16021-14 16021-14 Most Popular 1mm Curved $342.00 Each
16120-14 16120-14 0.7mm Straight $381.00 Each
16121-14 16121-14 0.7mm Curved $391.00 Each
16220-14 16220-14 0.5mm Straight $398.00 Each
16221-14 16221-14 0.5mm Curved $408.00 Each
Item No. Description Price Unit Qty
29060-00 29060-00 Most Popular Instrument Tip Protectors - Assorted Pack $13.50 30 pieces