Moria Ultra Fine Forceps - Fenestrated

Tip Dimensions:
0.1 x 0.06mm
Alloy / Material:
These forceps have been expertly finished under 40x magnification and have the most finely executed points available. They are extremely light, superbly balanced, and have a gentle spring action. The shanks are specially designed with an arch which ensures maximum force to the tips. The tips close flat for 6mm from the points to give a large holding area. The bottom portion is slim to reduce their weight, and the fenestrated handle provides a secure grip and reduces their weight as well.
Item No. Style Tip Shape Price Unit Qty
11399-80 11399-80 9980 Straight $227.00 Each
11399-87 11399-87 9987 Curved $237.00 Each
Item No. Description Price Unit Qty
20830-00 20830-00 Plastic Instrument Case - 17 x 8 x 2cm/Blue  $10.00 Each
29060-00 29060-00 Most Popular Instrument Tip Protectors - Assorted Pack $13.50 30 pieces