S&T Forceps - SuperGrip Tips

Tip Dimensions:
0.3 x 0.25mm
Alloy / Material:
SuperGrip tips are processed with MicroCrystals®, a method developed by S&T to infuse tungsten carbide on stainless steel. The formation of this ultra-fine coating guarantees atraumatic handling of tissue while improving the grip dramatically. The gripping surface is similar to a match head. Recommended when forceps are utilized as needle holders or when slippery tissues might be encountered.
Please note the following information for your safety.
All surgical instruments and devices from the Fine Science Tools product range are intended exclusively for use in experimental research laboratories and facilities or in veterinary medicine. Our Customer Support is available to answer any questions you may have about the field of application and the material properties.
Item No. Tip Shape Price Unit Qty
00632-11 00632-11 Straight USD $271.00 Each
00649-11 00649-11 Angled 45° USD $313.50 Each
Item No. Description Price Unit Qty
20830-00 20830-00 Plastic Instrument Case - 17 x 8 x 2cm/Blue  USD $10.50 Each
29060-00 29060-00 Most Popular Instrument Tip Protectors - Assorted Pack USD $14.00 30 pieces