Plastic Sterilization Containers

Alloy / Material:
This sterilization container is made from Ultem® polymer to ensure strength and long lasting durability. The transparent perforated lid provides easy identification of your surgical instruments. Silicone mat is included for a safe and secure hold. Trays are also stackable for convenience. Suitable for autoclave or ethylene oxide sterilization.
Item No. Dimensions Style Price Unit Qty
20840-01 20840-01 19 x 7 x 2cm Single Tier $47.00 Each
20840-02 20840-02 17 x 10 x 2cm Single Tier $70.00 Each
20840-03 20840-03 25 x 15 x 2cm Single Tier $96.00 Each
20842-03 20842-03 25 x 15 x 4cm Double Tier $181.00 Each