Safety Scalpel Handle #3

Alloy / Material:
Teflon-coated Stainless Steel
The Safety Scalpel Handle #3 is compatible with all Safety Scalpel Blades. The handle is reusable and made of Teflon coated stainless steel which provides a non-stick surface. The Blade cartridges are color-coded with clear windows for easy identification. The protective cartridge completely covers the blade for safe, fast, and easy disposal. Handle is reusable and autoclavable. Blades are single-use and non-sterile. Handle and cartridges sold separately.

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Item No. Price Unit Qty
10006-12 10006-12 $13.75 Each
Item No. Description Price Unit Qty
10010-00 10010-00 Scalpel Blades - #10 $54.50 100 blades
10011-00 10011-00 Scalpel Blades - #11 $54.50 100 blades
10015-00 10015-00 Scalpel Blades - #15 $54.50 100 blades