Item No. 70003-01
Vascular Catheterization Surgical Pack

Kit for models below 100g

This surgical kit is designed for performing vascular catheterization procedures on models < 100g commonly used in biomedical research.
It contains all the necessary instruments to conduct precise and delicate surgeries with ease especially implanting Vascular Access Buttons™ by Instech Laboratories, Inc.. Fine Science Tools highly recommends Instech’s revolutionary Vascular Access Buttons™ featuring PinPort™ technology that simply and cleanly connects an implanted catheter to a syringe for direct access, or to a tether for continuous access.

An industry leading refinement over many other methods of vascular access, Instech Laboratories, Inc. is quickly becoming the preferred method of catheter exteriorization.

Product No. Description
15005-08 Vannas-Tübingen spring scissors, angled up
14106-09 Iris scissors oversized finger loops, straight, sharp/sharp
14060-09 Iris scissors delicate pattern, straight, sharp/sharp
11373-12 2 x Moria forceps,  curved & smooth  
11253-25 Dumont medical #5-45 forceps, angled 45-degree standard tip
11154-10 Extra fine Graefe forceps, slightly curved, 1x2 teeth, 0.5mm tip
11051-10 2 x Fine Graefe forceps,  slightly curved, serrated, 0.8mm tip  
12080-14 Kalt needle holder,  straight, cross-serrated  and serrated with groove, 1mm tip
13010-12 Micro-Mosquito hemostat, straight
10290-13 Grooved Director with tongue tie 
18052-02 Schwartz micro serrefine, light bend, non-serrated
18200-07 Elastomer, 2m roll 
18200-10 Blunt retractors, 2.5mm, pack of 10 
18105-01 Absorption spears, sterile, 7cm, box of 200 
29060-00 Instrument tip protectors, assorted, pack of 25 
18020-60 Silk suture thread,  23m, 6-0
20840-03 Sterilization container, Single tier
Please note the following information for your safety.
All surgical instruments and devices from the Fine Science Tools product range are intended exclusively for use in experimental research laboratories and facilities or in veterinary medicine. Our Customer Support is available to answer any questions you may have about the field of application and the material properties.

Price: USD $1,989.50 Each

Item No. Item Price Unit Qty
70003-01 70003-01 Kit for models below 100g USD $1,989.50 Each
70003-02 70003-02 Kit for models 100g - 400g USD $2,197.50 Each