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Item No. 28010-28
Lenses for Adjustable Gooseneck Stand

Lens-to-Image Distance:
Variable mm
Lens Size:
100 x 75mm
Lens Shape:
Use with Adjustable Gooseneck Stand (No. 28010-00 - Discontinued). 

Price: $101.00 Each

Item No. Magnification Lens Size Lens Shape Price Unit Qty
28010-28 28010-28 Discontinued Item 2.8x 100 x 75mm Aspheric $101.00 Each
Item No. Description Price Unit Qty
28015-00 28015-00 Discontinued Item Eschenbach Top-Lite LED $147.00 Each
29000-10 29000-10 Optical Cleaning Kit $31.00 Each
29015-50 29015-50 Lens Paper $3.00 50 Sheets